Prof. Iwan Kridasantausa

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We provide offers in the form of sponsorship packages, along with benefits that can be obtained by those who work together

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For further discussion and communication, you can directly contact us via Fachri (Head of Cooperation) in : +6282260567002.

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Full list of beneicial that can be obtained through collaboration with us :

Publication slot

Places provided for sponsorship in publications carried out in several media include:

Air ballon



Printed Media







Promotion through the reading of the sponsor's name by the MC during the event

Screen advertisement

Promotion video playback from the company during the event

Pairing event names with company name

Use of company name together with event name

Sponsor page in our media

Sponsor profile page on the 2019 water project media

Ir. Yudha Mediawan


Promotional place (booth) provided for sponsors at the event location

Company banners

Company-specific banners posted around the event location

Stage advertisement

The time given to sponsors to do promotions directly on stage

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Sponsor in Kind

In the implementation of large events like this, we understand, not all parties can support through money. Some parties prefer to help fulfill the needs of goods directly. As a committee, we provide a number of needs, if the sponsors are willing to cooperate in fulfilling the items in the form of:

Consumption Ilustration

Providing consumption for the 2019 Water Project committee and participants.

Luggage Ilustration
Participant lodging

Providing lodging for participants of the WP 2019 Design Innovation Project contest.

Transportation Ilustration
Transportation Accommodation

Provide transportation for participants and committees involved in organizing the 2019 Water Project event.

Printing Ilustration

Provides graphic printed media printing services.

Shirt Ilustration
Clothes production

Provide t-shirt production services for the needs of the committee, promotions, and participants.

Merchandise Ilustration
Official merchandise production

Provides 2019 Project Water merchandise production services.

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Design Material

Here we illustrate the allocation of publication of the sponsor logo on our design material, which is illustrated in some of the images below

Design Material Balon Udara

Design Material for Air Balloon

Hot air balloon will be flown at the venue, which will strategically increase the company's selling points

Size Allocation :

XL : 60%
L : 40%

Design Material for Poster

Event posters will be promoted through online media, posted on campus campuses, where public attention will increase the company's promotional value

Size Allocation :

XL : 5%
L : 3%
M : 1%
S : 0.5%

Design Material Poster
Design Material Umbul-Umbul

Design Material for Vertical Banners

Banners will be installed in the streets around the location of the event, which will be the center of attention of the community and participants

Size Allocation :

XL : 5%
L : 3%
M : 1%
S : 0.5%

Design Material Spanduk

Design Material for Horizontal Banners

Banners will be placed as background seminars and event venues, which will be noticed by important people and attendees

Size Allocation :

XL : 5%
L : 3%
M : 1%
S : 0.5%

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