Fachri - Head of Cooperation Water Project

Be a part of change!

The worsening water problems in Indonesia have called us to move faster

I am interested in!

Resolve through innovation

Join us in innovating to maintain water sustainability in the Citarum River Basin in the 2019 Design Innovation Project competition

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Indah - Vice Chairman Water Project
Thomas - Event Chairman Water Project

Encourage people's awareness

Discuss with experts in an effort to manage watersheds in an integrated manner in National Seminars & Talkshows

What kind of collaboration?

Why us?

As a large-scale event, Water Project 2019 involves many people from various elements and various regions in Indonesia, so that with the promotion strategy that we have implemented, it is hoped that it can provide higher promotional returns

What benefits i can get?

From the promotion strategy that we have prepared, the sponsors will benefit; especially in terms of:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Together with the 2019 Water Project, we will help promote a community that is more concerned with water issues

Ilustrasi Corporate Social Responsibility
Ilustrasi Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Publicize company value through publication strategies and build relationships with media partners

Brand Awareness

With a target of more than 400 participants, it is projected to help achieve marketing targets by displaying your company's brand image

Ilustrasi Brand Awareness
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